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May’s Mouth-Watering Must Haves

Can you guess what time it is? Yep! Time we shared with you this month’s most popular products purchased from the Mrs Cupid website. We can’t believe it’s time to be writing this post again; the year is flying over! So, we best make sure we are keeping you guys supplied with all the sexiness you need to get you through the coming summer months!

Let’s take a look at May’s must-haves, shall we? Or, so they are according to you lot anyway!

Cumin’ in first place (yeah, we went there) is…

Our After Sex Towel. Yes, you filthy lot! This towel is designed to ‘wipe away your sins’ after a night of passion, if you get what we mean. We are thinking there is either a shortage of tissues down the local shops or there are a few of your other halves’ birthdays coming up. To be honest, this is a decent towel- it does ‘what it says on the tin’ anyway. However, you might want to be careful you don’t mix it up with your standard tea or bath towels; no one wants that awkward moment when mum comes to visit and picks it up to dry her hands with… nice! Just £8.49, absolute bargain.

Not far behind in popularity this month so far is our Strappy Side Panty with Mesh Centre. Cute, right? And super-summery in the lovely aqua blue colour! These strappy pants are guaranteed to make you feel sexy and summery all in one. Finished with a satin bow they really do look and feel the part. These pants can be yours for just £16.99 and are available in aqua blue or navy.

This months’ last favourite, and keeping with the summer theme, is our Sex Tarts Watermelon Splash Edible Lubricant. At just £7.99 this lovely little lube really does bring some excitement to all things, erm… mouth-based shall we say? It’s sweet and sassy, and its water based formula is non-toxic, non-staining and totally latex friendly. What more could you want from a lube? No wonder it’s so popular!

So now you’ve seen this month’s must-haves, which will you be treating yourself to? We think they all great and couldn’t possibly choose between them!

Make sure you come back next month to find out what’s tickling your fancies in the first few weeks of June. We can’t wait!

Much love,

Mrs C x

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April’s Amazing Must-Haves

It’s our favourite time of the month again, you know, where we take a sneaky peak at what you kinky lot have been buying over the past few weeks, and it looks like we have some romance going on this month!

It appears leather whips and metal handcuffs haven’t been top of your to-buy lists lately, however, you most definitely haven’t disappointed. Let’s take a look shall we?

Cumin’ in on top spot is our Lovers Choice Romantic Essentials Kit. Very romantic, we must say! For the absolute bargain price of just £20 this kit contains scented silk rose petals, massage lotion, bubble bath, tea lights, breath mints & a romantic tips guide. What more could you possibly need to seduce the one you love (in a romantic way?!). In all seriousness, this sweet little kit really is great for those cosy nights in or for cheering your partner up if they’ve been a bit down lately. They will be left feeling relaxed and free of tension after you team up with the massage lotion and candles!

Second place this month has been claimed by our Rechargeable Waterproof Hype Massager Wand. This attractive looking little wand is great for use in the shower or bath and its batteries provide a sensual 2.5 hours of pleasure at a time! The ultra-plush silicone body, flexible head and 10 vibration functions are sure to create feelings of playful pleasure, and, what’s even more, this high-powered massager is created with a flexible neck and broad head to let you control sensation with ease. Sounds good, right? Well, this can be yours for just £46.99.

And, last but most certainly not least this month, is our 2PC Femme Fatale Baby Doll & G String Lingerie Set. This classy little set is both sexy and sophisticated, perfect for those romantic evenings in we think. With soft mesh material finished with a silky-satin trim you’ll also be super comfortable too. You can get your hands on this lovely lingerie for the amazing price of just £29.99; too good a price to refuse.

We are very impressed with your favourites of the past month and as usual cannot wait to see what the most popular purchases are over the next few weeks. If any of the above items have tickled your fancy, then you can find them all on our website and currently in stock!

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March’s Must-Haves

It’s that time of the month again where we bring you your favourites of the past 30(ish!) days! Though this month we have cheated a little; we are bringing you two of your favourites and one of our own… an interesting little toy that not many of you might have seen before!

It seems after last months’ bondage favourites you kinky lot have calmed down a little over the past few weeks, though we must say, this month’s faves are also very cheeky!

Coming in on top spot was this lovely little item… Liquid Vibrator Hot Stimulator Gel, and yes, it really is as exciting as it sounds. The heat effect of this little bad boy makes the temperature of your body rise a little at a time, which helps build intensity and pleasure. This is great for men and women; for women, apply only a few drops with a gentle massage to the clitoris and after 30 seconds you will begin to feel the vibrations. These will last around 20 minutes, but more can be applied if needed. For men, a larger quantity should be used. This product is 100% natural, vegan friendly and yours for only £18.99!

In second place, and one we really love, is our Passion Rumba Corset; this is a red and black floral design corset, with a lace up front and underwire bra cups. Of course, matching panty and suspenders are included for your convenience… This sexy little number can be yours for £52.99 and is available in size S-XXXL. You can feel both sexy and classy with this one, so add it to your bedroom and we guarantee it will do wonders for your sex life.

Excited yet? Well, just to add a little more, allow us to introduce to you OUR favourite of the month. The one and only Roller Balls Massager Glove. We know, some of you are thinking what on earth is one of those, right? Well, this lovely little item really does intensify the feelings of massage, which, let’s be honest, we all love! The glove features an adjustable strap that fits the left or right hand, and is fitted with nine metallic balls which are evenly distributed for full coverage. Though this glove can be used on its own, we would recommend purchasing a pair and using both at a time, for an all-over, full-coverage massage. What’s even better, one glove will only cost you £9.99, so less than £20 for a pair?! Bargain we say!

We hope you have enjoyed your sneaky peak at this months’ favourite! Remember, come back next month to see what you lovely lot are loving over the next few weeks!

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Have You Checked Out Our Plus Size? It Really is Hot, Hot, Hot!

You might have noticed our Plus Size lingerie collection? If not, you really should take a look! We are so happy that Plus Size collections are becoming more and more popular, and therefore more and more visible on websites such as our own and the Internet as a whole.

For too long we as people have been controlled by the pressures put upon us by society; well, let us tell you, that is changing, at least it most definitely is here at Mrs Cupid. We believe every curve is beautiful, and we are sick of the taboo subject of whether or not Plus Size people should be showing off flesh. Erm, yes, they should. They really should.

We know this is easier said than done, which is why we wrote this post. We want to encourage and empower any of you out there who feel you are not sexy enough to wear lace or silky skimpy lingerie, because let us tell you right now, you most certainly are! It can be daunting at first, coming out of your comfort zone and trying something new for the first time, but get the right underwear and you won’t regret it.

Wouldn’t the world be a boring place if we all looked the same? We think it would be, which is why we believe big is just as beautiful as anything else- so don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Curves are sexy, so as the old saying goes – if you’ve got em’, flaunt em’!

We want to make everyone feel beautiful, confident and empowered, which is why we want to show you a couple of items from our Plus Size collection.

Let’s start with one of our stunning bustier’s. This two piece set below comprises of a lace overlay bustier with underwire moulded cups, lace and ribbon trim, adjustable removable straps, hook and eye back closure, eyelash lace ruffed hem, removable garters and a thong! All for the amazing price of just £31.99. For those of you who might not be so confident about your stomach, and the thought of getting this out makes you uncomfortable, a bustier is a great item to begin building your confidence with.

If you fancy something a little more daring, then why not check out our thong range? We absolutely love this little number below – our Lucy Lace Crotchless Thong, available in several colours and sizes. This is both a highly sexy and sophisticated piece of lingerie; it’s eye catching and highly accommodating with its ‘easy access,’ if you know what we mean! This can be yours for just £14.99, again, a bargain, we know!

So, now you have seen some of the stunning lingerie items on offer for your sexy curves, why not treat yourself to something a little new? Remember, some of the biggest sex icons we have ever known have been a size 14 plus…

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February’s Favourites

It’s that time of the month again where we share with you our hottest sellers of the past few weeks, and what a treat you are in for this time around! It appears some of you have really been spicing things up this past month, but we don’t blame you, we know how dull January and February can be! So, without further ado, allow us to reveal what you kinky little lot have been loving the most over the past few weeks…

Coming in on top spot is our naughty but exciting BDSM Starter Kit, which is a great starting point for anyone who wants to experiment with sex that is a little bit… naughtier, shall we say? This great little kit comes complete with an eye mask, a whip, a set of nipple clamps, a mouth gag, bondage rope, teasing fantasy gear and rose petals (just to keep that little bit of romance present)! The kit is made from PU leather, cotton, ABS plastic, polyester and metal, and promises to deliver some painfully good pleasure. It really is a great starting point for anyone who wants to dip in to the world of BDSM but who isn’t quite sure whether it is for them yet or not. So, if you’ve been wondering what the whole hype is, or if you fancy taking your sex life a little bit down the 50 Shades path, then this kit could be just the right thing for you. At just £30.99 it really is worth a try!

Our BDSM Starter Kit is followed closely by this lovely little number… our ID Backslide Anal Formula Lubricant. This is a silicone based lubricant in a 4.4floz, 130mls dispenser for £21.99. It has a thick texture with extracts of cloves, which work exceptionally well as a natural muscle relaxant. This really is a smooth little formula, which makes everything slip nicely in to place much easier, it also goes really well with the Starter Kit above. So, if you’re feeling extra fruity this month, why not treat yourself and your partner to this sexy little duo?

For those of you not feeling quite as adventurous, here is one of our own personal favourites – our Clitoral Hummer Vibrator – guaranteed to bring pleasure during solo or couples use. This exciting little toy consists of a uniquely contoured scoop for optimal stimulation plus gyrating nub for intense action. What’s more, it is totally waterproof, meaning you can get pleasure in or out of water! Only £11.99 on its own, or £12.29 with batteries; trust us, it’s a bargain you need in your sex life.

We hope you’ve enjoyed your sneaky-peak into this month’s best sellers; remember, we will be back with more revelations next month, so make sure you keep checking back!

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V is for Valentine’s…

With Valentine’s Day soon approaching many of us want to spoil that special person in our life, but the only problem is, we are still paying off Christmas! It can be an expensive few months from December to January, we’ve got Christmas to pay off, January that feels like it’s never going to end, and then all of a sudden we are in the middle of February and the shops are filled with boxes of expensive chocolates and diamonds that we are expected to pay a fortune for to show people we love them!

Well, step aside all you jewellers with your diamonds, because Mrs Cupid are here to help you save your Valentine’s Day! It really doesn’t need to be the over-priced occasion we are made to think it should be; showing someone you care doesn’t need to come with a huge price tag. So, read on for some fantastic ideas of how you can treat that special person in your life, on a budget.

Acts of Service Cards – The best thing about this idea is that it doesn’t actually cost you a penny! Your Acts of Service Cards can range from domestic household chores but can then take a kinky turn to acts of the bedroom kind. Simply cut up some card, write a different act on each and you are ready to go! Your acts can be things like emptying the dishwasher for a week, taking the bins out, cooking for the week, but as well as taking over some chores, you can also add in some kinkier cards to treat your partner, such as oral sex or some all over body massages; let your imagination run free, your partner will love you for it.

Your Undivided Attention – Modern life can be hectic, especially for those of us with demanding jobs that consume the majority of our waking hours. So why not give your partner your full attention for once? This could either be the whole of Valentine’s Day, or, if you will only be spending the evening together after a busy day at work, then the whole of this time. Sometimes work doesn’t stop when we get home, our phones ping with emails and ring with calls- turn it off. Yes, we did just say that. Simply press the power off button, pop it in the drawer, and let all your attention be spent on your partner for once. This idea also has the same added bonus as the one above – it is totally free of charge!

Homemade Cakes – Everyone loves a bit of a treat at times, so why not spend some time baking some homemade cakes or biscuits for your loved one? Not only will you win massive points for providing sweet treats, but homemade baking also shows the time and effort you have put into your Valentine’s Day present! There are plenty of novelty decorations out there such as red icing and heart shaped sweet toppers and cutters. If you want to add a little fun to your baking, why not make some erm, alternate shapes out of your biscuits? Certain body parts maybe…

Lingerie & Toys – If you’re looking for a bit of a naughtier present and have a small budget to work with, then why not splash a bit of cash on something to add some passion to Valentine’s night? Sexy lingerie coupled with a sex toy really can spice up any bedroom and these really don’t need to break the bank either! Treat yourself and your partner to a bullet, massage wand or cockring, add in some skimpy lacy underwear and you will be guaranteed a night of intense pleasure.

Fun & Games – If you are planning on spending Valentine’s night in, then why not cook a nice meal, have a bottle or two of wine and have some fun? There are a huge range of games intended for couples that really can steam things up a little, and we have some great examples of these on our website! One particular favourite of ours is the You and Me Game; a fun and twisting game of 90 bedroom challenges to bring you and your partner closer together. Why not treat yourselves to some fun this Valentines night and see who will be winning, or finishing, first?!

For a Valentine’s night to remember, you could even combine all of the above together! Your undivided attention with some Acts of Service Cards and some homemade treats to start, followed by some board game fun and ending in a little lacy number with a massage wand or bullet. Sounds good to us!

Remember, you don’t need to spend a fortune to show someone you care. Sometimes small things such as removing all distractions and a sensual massage are all you need for a great and intimate time together.

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January’s Hottest Sellers

This month we’re introducing you to some of our hottest sellers to help make your January a little more exciting, know what we mean?

January is a dull, long and miserable month most of the time, but it doesn’t have to be that way! Not with Mrs Cupid’s help anyway… We are here to save the day (again!), spice up your sex life and make your January utterly orgasmic.

First up, allow us to introduce you to our Mystic Treasures Couples Sex Kit, guaranteed to add some steam to every sex life it encounters for the amazing price of just £32.99! The kit has that many different toys, it will keep you and your partner busy for weeks on end as you discover which items really do hit your spot. So, what’s included you wonder… Well, buy yourself this exciting little kit and you will be in receipt of two silicone cock rings, a multi-speed bullet, a pair of transparent oscillating duo balls, a slim butt plug with suction cup base and a 7” slimline vibrator with a veiny penis and nubby shaft tickler tipped sleeve. Sounds like a great night in to us, well maybe quite a few great nights actually, as we guarantee once you discover your favourite, you’ll never get bored of whipping it out the top drawer.

Another of our hottest sellers, and one that would accompany the above extremely well, is our Wicked Aqua Salted Caramel Water-based Lubricant (120ml bottle). This deliciously silky and luxury lube can be yours for just £14.49. Adding subtle flavours, this tasty little product enhances oral sex for both partners. What’s more, it’s clever water-based formula means it never leaves a sticky mess (we all know how unpleasant that is to deal with afterwards)! It’s also latex friendly, paraben free, vegan friendly and never leaves a not so pleasant aftertaste like so many others do. Buy a bottle now and satisfy your sweet tooth and deepest desires all at once.

Like the look of these lovely little items? You can get yours now direct from our website! Or, if you’re fancying something a little different to these, we have hundreds more products that are just as exciting. From bullets to life-like dildo’s, babydoll’s to corsets and novelty gifts to daring games, we really do stock something for everyone here at Mrs Cupid.

Make sure you check back next month to find out the hottest sellers for February!

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Spice Up Your January with Mrs Cupid

January. Many of us would agree that this is just THE worst month of the year- it doesn’t really have much going for it, does it? We are on the Christmas comedown, it’s still bitterly cold outside, we got paid early in December so payday feels like an eternity away, we ate too much chocolate and turkey over the festive season and now just feel bloated and like a slight beached whale. Great month, yeah?

Well, we are here to tell you that yes, in fact, January can be a great month if you want it to be. You can turn your January around and the best month ever, if you follow our advice…

Too much turkey and chocolates you say? Feeling a bit bloated and slightly heavier than you did in November? No problem. Did you know sex is a brilliant form of exercise? Yes, you likely did, so are you filling your January up with it? We hope so. Though some of us may not be feeling overly sexy this month, as a result of the Christmas pudding lbs we have gained, this is nothing that can’t be easily resolved with some lacy lingerie or super sexy sex toys. What’s even better, our prices at Mrs Cupid are that competitive that you really don’t need to wait till payday to purchase! Lingerie really does make us feel sexier, whether it’s smooth and silky or lavishly lacy, it really does boost our self-confidence in the bedroom. Or if you’re feeling a little more adventurous why not pick yourself up with a little vibrating number? We do a huge range of bullets, massage wands and vibrators– you really will find something to suit everyone’s taste on our site! There’s no need to be on the comedown from Christmas when you could be cumming in much better ways…

Just to help you on your way, here are a couple of our favourite items for January, you know, the month when we are all on a budget:

First up, allow us to introduce you to the Slimline Multi Speed Clit Exciter, great for solo play or for spicing things up with your partner. This sexy little spoon shaped vibrator has everything you need to turn the heat up a notch and take your orgasms to the next level. Guaranteed to blow your mind, not your bank balance, you can bag this little baby for just £12.99. Wow.

Next up, if you are fancying the above as something to spice up your sex life with your partner, then we recommend pairing it with this little lacy number. You can pick up these Lace and Open Crotch Pearl String Boy Shorts in either black, red or white for the amazing price of just £18.99! Their elegant yet totally naughty design will make you feel like a pure Sex Goddess; guaranteed to drive your partner crazy too. Pair these with our Clit Exciter above, and this ultra-sexy little duo will cost you no more than £32.00. A small price to pay for some steamy bedtime sessions!

Or, if you’re feeling ultra-naughty, why not start your 2019 with something a little different? Maybe you’ve kept your sex life, well, not strictly innocent, but not overly adventurous. Is it time you introduced something new to your bedroom? Such as our BDSM Start Kit, perhaps? For the bargain price of £30.99 you can be in receipt of an eye mask, whip, a set of nipple clamps, a mouth gag, rose petals (who said BDSM couldn’t be romantic?), bondage rope, cuffs and more! Don’t tie yourself down with boring household chores this January, let your partner tie you up instead with these little leather cuffs…

So, now you’ve realised your January doesn’t necessarily need to be the worst month of your year, what are you waiting for? Get browsing our mind-blowing products, and start creating a little heat this month. Know what we’re sayin’?

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Do You Feel Confident in Bed?

We all like to feel sexy, however, for some of us this isn’t quite as easy as it is for others. With pressures of modern society constantly being put upon us, sometimes we just aren’t 100% comfortable (or confident) in our own body. This can at times most definitely be the case when we are about to get intimate (and naked) with someone new.

Are you one of those who insists the lights are ALL turned off during sex? Do you insist on hiding beneath the covers the whole time? Do you wait until you are hiding beneath those covers until you dare remove any items of clothing? Well, lucky for you we are here to help!

Confidence is one of the sexiest and most attractive traits about the opposite sex for many of us, so boosting your confidence really can boost your sex life. Here are some tips on how you can do this:

Relax – relaxing makes for amazing sex. If we are tense or anxious our body and mind cannot fully enjoy what we are doing. Though relaxing is often easier said than done there are a few things you can do to help yourself, such as taking a nice hot bath or lighting some candles and dimming (NOT turning off altogether) the lights. Candles and dim lights also make for a romantic atmosphere as well as helping us relax – the perfect sex setting we think!

Stop overthinking – we all do this at times! Am I doing this right? Are they enjoying this? Do I look awful from this angle? Just stop! In sex, there are no rights or wrongs – we each do what we like to do, and this is something you should keep in mind. If you can master relaxing, then overthinking should naturally stop for you. During sex our partners aren’t judging us, they are more often than not appreciating us and enjoying the moment, so train your mind to do the same and you’ll soon be experiencing better orgasms!

Dress up – definitely not always the easiest thing to do for beginners, but have you ever tried some kinky lingerie or some dominating heels? Or even better, both together? Dressing up in something a bit more daring and sexier than we usually wear really does boost our confidence majorly! You feel sexy, you feel in control and your confidence will shine through as a result. Lingerie comes in so many styles too, so there are plenty of items for beginners to try – we guarantee you will soon be making some naughtier purchases.

Remember, everyone is different and the secret to a steaming and successful sex life really is all about being comfortable and confident in our own body. We aren’t all the same size or shape (how boring would it be if we were?!) so love yourself for who you are and put on that sexy lingerie and those platform heels and take control of your sex life today!

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Why Winter Sex is Better Sex

Winter is here! The cold, wet, dull and dark days are upon us, but hey, we are here to tell you not all of your days over the next few months have to be cold, dull and dark, you might want to keep them a bit wet though..

We thought we would brighten your day by pointing out some reasons why winter sex is actually better than summer sex. Yes, you read it right, your sex life is about to get much better thanks to the recent drop in temperature!

We think the first, and possibly most important reason winter sex is better sex, is because it is much safer. Yes, in winter you are much less likely to sweat to death- a feeling many of us have to endure after a bit of summer lovin’! What makes this even better still, is that you can go for longer too. Sometimes, in summer, no matter how turned on we are we rush to get sex over with simply because we are dripping (and not in a good way), stuck to sweaty bedsheets and just quite frankly feeling like we are going to pass out (also not in a good way)! However, in the cold winter months we can enjoy much longer sex sessions, as we use it as a way to warm up instead of rushing to get it over with and then diving into an icy cold shower!

The winter months also provide us with much more intimacy with our partners. Let’s face it, in the summer when you’re sleeping with a leg hanging over the bed, the duvet in a pile at the bottom of the bed and the window open but STILL sweating, spooning is a serious no go zone. When we are an uncomfortable sweaty mess we really don’t need other people adding their body heat to what is already an unbearable situation. However, snuggling is one of our favourite things to do in the winter and often that feeling of just having our body pressed against our partners is enough to get us in the mood.

These cold months also provide us with great opportunities to surprise our partners. Here we are, sat in our fleecy pj’s covered with penguins in bobble hats, but then, we climb in to bed with our other half, we slip off our lovely little penguin number and reveal a sexy lace number instead. Surprise! And we feel awfully impressed with ourselves as we watch their face light up as they realise their luck is in! Hideous winter pj’s provide a great disguise for some sexy lingerie, so pop on some leather or lace under your penguin pants and enjoy feeling immensely smug till bed time.

There are also lots of erm, extra props around in the winter. Don’t want to ruin the mood by rummaging through your top drawer for your handcuffs? Fear not! Simply pick up that scarf you threw on the floor when you came in earlier. Yes, scarves make for great sex toys– handcuffs, leg ties, blindfolds… you name it, a scarf can probably do it!

One for all of you health obsessed people out there – sex can actually prevent you from getting sick! Oh yes, healthy winter’s all round for us! When you orgasm regularly, your body produces higher levels of immunoglobulin, which is an antibody that plays a very important part of immunity. So seriously, an orgasm a day keeps those colds and flu’s away! You can thank us for this one later when you’re the only at the office not sneezing into a hanky and sporting a nose similar to Rudolph’s. They mustn’t be regulars…

Also, we would just like to point out one MAJOR benefit of winter sex – it’s a cheap way to stay warm. So, don’t waste money turning on the heating, just build a fort out of blankets, get inside it, get some clothes off and generate your own heat. Know what we’re saying?!