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October’s Orgasmic Faves

Hey Guys and Gals, it’s that time of the month again where we find out your favourite items! Already?! We know. It looks as though these colder nights are bringing out the old romantic in some of you, as we noticed sales in massage oils and lotions go through the roof! So, let’s take a look shall we…

Cumin in on top spot this month is Swede’s Fruity Love Massage. This is a range of high quality, flavoured and warming massage lotions. Swede has carefully developed formulas that are totally harmless. Made only from food grade natural ingredients, they guarantee maximum safety for the consumers. Fruity Love Massage is suitable for professional massage and intimate pleasures. All products in the Fruity Love series can be safely licked and rinse off easily with water. They are also condom safe. This Orgasmic little oil really does spice up any cosy night in, and at just £8.99, you really should give it a try…

Claiming second place this week is our Eden Wand Massager. Get steamy with a lover in the shower or massage sore muscles… the versatile Eden Wand can take care of all your needs. The ultra-plush silicone body, flexible head and 10 vibration functions are sure to create feelings of playful pleasure. This high-powered massager is created with a flexible neck and broadhead to let you control sensation with ease. An intense motor inside of the flexible shaft puts off intense vibrations for playfully powerful stimulation. Indulge in personalized pleasure while the curved massager pulses to the rhythm of 10 vivacious vibrations, passionate pulsation and erotic escalation. Control this variety of orgasmic options with the easy-touch control button on the base of the massager. Whether you’re taking a dip with a lover or indulging in a steamy solo session, look forward to hours of waterproof vibration. The flexible massager is made from a hygienically superior silicone. This body safe material is unscented and phthalate free to keep your most sensitive spots happy and healthy. Sold yet?! We definitely are *adds to cart*… From just £29.99 without batteries, you may as well add to yours too…

In last place this month, but certainly not least, is the All Night Hot Mesh Pantie.. Super sexy really does meet crazily cute in this hot pink boyshort and fishnet mashup! Need we say more? This item really does speak for itself, and at only £14.99, you really can afford to treat yourself.

Thanks for being as interesting and adventurous as ever this month!! Keep up the super sexy purchases and remember to check back next month to find out November’s naughty numbers.

Mrs C. x


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Spicing Up For Autumn

We’ve all noticed the nights are getting darker and the temperature is getting cooler, autumn is almost in full swing!

‘Date nights’ don’t always seem quite as attractive during the colder months, as we find ourselves preferring to snuggle up on the sofa with some candles and the fire on.

Well, we are about to tell you how to bring ‘Date night’ to you! Yep, there really is no need to leave the house…

First up, for a relaxing and romantic date night, allow us to introduce you to our Lovers Choice Romance Essentials Kit! This really is perfect coupled up with a bottle or wine – or two – and that special someone of course. This little beauty consists of scented silk rose petals, massage lotion, bubble bath, tea lights, breath mints & a romantic tips guide. So, light the candles, fill the bath, pour the wine and let the romance – and massaging – begin. Best of all, all this is yours for just £20!

Fancying something a little naughtier? Then this option might just be for you! Our Oral Fun board game really is the Game of Eating Out whilst staying in 😉 This game will tease and tantalise you as you make your way around the board, giving and receiving oral in almost every way imaginable! Each symbol relates to a naughty category on the game guide which will take players on a journey of peach eating and sword swallowing. So open the wine, get comfy and experience a roller-coaster of pleasure! All for just £15.99!

Lastly, for all you extra kinky lot out there, why not treat your partner to a date night of pain and pleasure?! Our Amazing Bondage Sex Toy Kit is just £30.99 and sure to get the juices flowing… This starter kit comprises seven pieces so you can get to grips with your bondage fantasy. The Amazing Bondage Sex Toy Kit allows you to take command of your dominants or submissive side offering seven toys to experience, including a set of black plastic hand cuffs, a ball gag, an eye mask, a collar with central D-ring, a length of black cotton rope, a pair of nipple clamps, and a whip. Fancy being naughty? Order yours now..

See? You don’t need to leave the house for date nights during those colder months! Light some candles, pour some wine and be as naughty or nice as you fancy…

Mrs C xx

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Calling All Hen & Stag Party People!

We’re right in the middle of wedding season, so we’re calling out to all you Maids of Honours & Best Men who are left with the daunting task of planning the Hen & Stag parties. It really isn’t as difficult as you think! We’ve got some great hints, tips and novelty fun ideas below to help you throw a party to remember!

Party Bags – We all love these, don’t we? They’re fun and really bring a bit of excitement to the party. Though they are usually more popular on Hen Party’s, there is no reason why Stag’s can’t have party bags too! What do I put in these bags you ask. Well, basically you fill them with tacky novelty fun, and usually a bit of alcohol too! We think the ideal Party Bag contains a couple of extremely strong and quite terrible shots of alcohol, bad enough to cause some serious face pulling, some sugar (yep, sweets really do work to keep people powering though a long party), some willy/boob straws (tacky, you see), some truth or dare cards, some L plates for the Bride/Groom and a few other random items of fun.

Allow us to show you some of our great Hen & Stag Party items, all guaranteed to get the party started and the laughs coming all night…

First up, check out our ‘Stick A Dick Stud Edition.’ ‘Stick a Dick’ is a parody of the renowned ‘pin the tail on the donkey’ – only this time the object is a little more intimate than a tail! Unfold your man poster, pin him up on a wall, then pick your dick to stick! Choose from one of twelve hilariously named appendages,’ turn around three times with your willy eye mask covering your eyes, take aim and fire. The winner receives the prestigious “I know where to stick it” sticker. Just £10.99 from Mrs C!

Ah, the good old willy straws, the ultimate item of tackiness, but something that makes everyone giggle when they put them in their mouth! This pack contains a huge 10 of them and is just £7.99! Pick your favourite colour and suck away… until your glass is empty. Straws

Remember ‘Simon Says’ the good childhood game we all loved? Well, our version of ‘Willy Says’ is a little more exciting! Pick a card and if ‘Willy Says’ then you must do it! With 80 Willy Says Dare Cards, you are all sure to be entertained all night long. Antics range from fairly tame to absolutely outrageous, but they are all hilarious to watch! Just £10.99!

So, there are a few ideas to get started with! However, we’ve much more in our range, so why not pop over and see for yourself? –

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July’s Juicy Must Haves

Hey all you beautiful Mrs Cupid fans, it’s that time of the month again- time to reveal your favourite Mrs Cupid products over the past few weeks! And what a mix up it is this time!

We do really love this time of the month, it’s a great insight for us to see what you guys are loving, and also what you aren’t quite as impressed with. This means we can tailor stock in the future to better suit your tastes. It’s a win win situation!

So, let’s begin shall we?

Taking top spot this month with some quite high figures (they even surprised us actually!) is our Stretch Lace Garter Set – we are thinking it must be getting close to wedding season?! This sophisticated little lace garter set is sure to do the trick for the wedding night, when that dress finally comes off! It’s fine detail and bright white are just what you need for both beauty and tradition, and at just £19.99, it really is a bargain! All you brides need something new, right?!

Taking second place this month is our little cheeky book of Sex Coupons. We are sensing some bribery or cheap birthday presents going on here, surely?! This really is a great little book though, complete with 20 sex coupons to give to your partner whenever you’re feeling generous.. or trying to bribe them…! Either way, we find they are successful. Each coupon offers a new sex position that they then get to try out, so you can see why they are usually such a huge success. At just £5.99, it’s a cheap price to pay for all those jobs you need doing around the house… 1 job – 1 card, right?!

This month’s third place spot is taken by our Marshmallow Willies.. yes, really. They are pretty cool though, well, so long as you don’t accidentally put them in your granny’s cup of cocoa when she comes to visit. Everyone loves a good marshmallow, and these ones are even more fun, as childish sniggers usually will be made throughout the whole eating process! They make great little side gifts, or even just sweet treats if you fancy some yourself! And they are only £3.99 so even better –

We told you this month’s were quite a mix up! Still, we have loved finding them out and sharing them with you guys! Which one tickles your fancy? We are thinking those marshmallow willies would go down nice right about now (no pun intended)….

Until next time! Be good, and don’t do anything we wouldn’t 😉

Mrs C x

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A Quick Guide to Condom Choosing…

Here at Mrs Cupid, we believe safe sex is the best sex! And, each month, we see sales of our condoms rocket, so it looks like you guys are with us in thinking safe sex is the best too. So, good on you all!

Which is why this month we thought we would introduce you to a selection of our best and favourite condoms, as, we all know, picking the right ones isn’t always as easy as we would think. With condoms coming in all sizes, flavours, sensations and colours these days, the huge selection offered to you when you go looking for some can be a bit overwhelming.

Let’s start off with something simple, but definitely one of our best ‘simple’ best sellers…

Skins Natural Condoms (12 pack). Described as “the best natural condom you can buy,” SKINS are a revolutionary new condom that feels just like the real thing. That’s why they’re called SKINS. Using only premium quality latex and infused with the light scent of vanilla, Skins natural condoms are beautifully clear looking, natural feeling and with none of the latex smell normally associated with condoms (thankfully!). Try one for yourself and you will see why people say they will “Never go in Without a Skin” again…

If you’re looking for something a little.. fruitier, shall we say, then you really should try the Skins Flavoured Condoms (12 pack). With four different flavours – Mint, Bubble Gum, Banana and Strawberry (3 of each) these are great fun to try, and are also quality latex condoms, lubricated with a reservoir tip. Give them a whirl and find out which is your favourite flavour!

If you’re a bit of a worrier and don’t always trust the good ol’ latex not to split, then Durex’s Extra Safe Condoms are probably the best choice to put your mind at ease! Though, as with any condom, there is a chance of splitting, these little guys are slightly thicker than the usual condom, meaning they’re tougher and more durable 😉 …

If you’re all about the ‘sensations’ then you really really MUST give Durex’s Intense Ribbed and Dotted Condoms a try! You will NOT be disappointed! Durex Intense Condoms help make sex better for both, heightening arousal and increasing pleasure. These condoms are lubricated with stimulating gel that increases sensitivity of her intimate areas and brings warming, cooling or tingling sensations, whilst the ribs and dots offer additional stimulation. Are you sold yet?…

So, there you have it! An insight to our favourites and best sellers! We have tons more varieties in stock and ready for purchase so why not head over and have a look for yourself?

Until next time,

Mrs C x

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June’s Jaw-Dropping Faves!

Well, it’s that time again! Time for us to reveal your favourite Mrs Cupid products over the last few weeks! This year is flying by, and we really do love checking out what your favourite toys & lingerie items are each month; it gives us great ideas for new stock! So without further ado… 

Cumin in on top spot this month is the one and only Slay Pleaser Clitoral Massager. This really is a wonderful invention, that, at just 4 inches long, easily slips into your handbag so you are always prepared, should the need for some serious pleasuring take you… The sensually contoured massager fits conveniently between your fingers and has a battery life of 1.5 hours. A simple USB charge for a couple of hours and it’s ready to go again! With 10, yes 10, indulgent vibrations, pulsation and escalation functions this really is a ‘one fits all’ type of toy. This can be yours for just £29.99!

Taking second place this month is something nice, light and summery but oh so sexy… The Corsetti Ersilia Lucie Deirre Sexy Dress. This stunningly sexy white lace see-through dress really is great for those warm summer months; wear it as a light and sexy nightdress or dress it up with some heels and lipstick for a night of wowing that special someone. This really is one beautifully detailed dress, and what’s more, it comes with a matching thong to finish the outfit off! At just £26.99, can you really afford not to? 

In last, but most certainly not least, place this month is our Boobs and Boners Drinking Card Game. Looks like some of you were up for a bit of a tipple and a laugh, ey? This game is guaranteed to add some great fun to any party, so if you’ve a hen or stag party coming up make sure you order yours! The idea of the game is to win cards from other players, and, when you do, you also get to assign truth, dares and drink assignments to them! The winner is the last player remaining after others have run out of cards. Be warned, it can get messy 😉!! For just £5.99 you can add some great laughs to any party or social gathering!

We think you guys have made some great purchases this past month and we love how different in category all three are too! There really is something for everyone over at Mrs Cupid, even those looking for birthday/occasion gifts, as we have a HUGE novelty section! Take a look for yourself, we promise you won’t be disappointed! 

Until next time, take care guys! 
Mrs C  x 

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Mrs Cupid’s Lubricant’s – Summery Taste Sensations

Summer is finally (almost) here! Well, for some of us anyway. So, we thought what better way to welcome the warmer months than with an introduction to some sweet summery lubricants!

Some of you might be regular users of these, others might have never tried them; whatever your experience level, we are sure to have something that suits.

One of our favourite low-price ranges here at Mrs Cupid is the S8 range. It comes in a variety of flavours (strawberry below) and is a great ‘tester’ price for those who aren’t sure whether lubes and oils are quite their thing yet. This smooth, long-lasting formula by S8 is completely paraben-free, phthalate-free, gluten-free, sulfate-free, plus contains no added colours or harsh preservatives for an irresistible ‘natural’ appeal. With medical-grade approval, the S8 Waterbased Flavoured Lubricant also adheres to all current EU-regulations regarding intimate care products and makes a trustworthy, competitive-priced and transparent alternative to other non-approved choices on the market. For the bargain price of just £4.99 – and a great choice of flavours including salted caramel and cherry – you are guaranteed a smooth glide and a sensational flavour!

For those of you who are a little more experienced with lubes, it doesn’t get much better than the ID Fruitopia Personal Lubricant range. This sexy little collection comes in a variety of flavours (mango below – one of our personal faves!) and is completely sugar free! 100% natural fruit flavour, waterbased, vegan friendly and latex friendly, all for just £8.99! We know, WOW! What more could you want from a lube? Not to mention the summery bursts of flavour.

For those looking for a bit of a more – ‘up-market’ shall we say – lube, then look no further than the WET range! Pictured below is the WET Passion Fruit lube and trust us, these little guys really are a taste sensation. WET Flavoured Lubricants have real natural fruit flavour, are non-staining, sugar free, colour free, and latex friendly. At just £14.99, you really can afford to indulge in some slippery sexy time…

These are just a few of the HUGE range of lubes we have available at Mrs Cupid. Why not visit our website and check them all out? We really do have a flavour to suit every taste…

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Sex Toys for Solo Masturbating (Beginners Guide!)

Single life? Too busy for a relationship? Partner work away? Just sometimes find that you are left to ‘get on with it’ yourself? We’ve all been there at some time or other, and yes, I am sure we can all agree that it can at times become a little boring.

This is why we want to introduce you to some of our sexy little masturbating toys, that really will help to spice up your solo sex life! And don’t worry guys, we’ve got you covered as well as the gals.

However, ladies first (manners and all that, y’know!)..

If you’re new to the whole sex toy world, then maybe you want to start off with something a little gentle and discreet? Something that will help you get used to masturbating with props instead of just with, well, your hand. We have the perfect little piece of equipment for you beginners…

Say hello to our Rabbit Finger Sleeve. Isn’t it just the most adorable little rabbit you’ve ever seen?

We know! Cute, right? But also, oh so sensual. This ultra-soft stretchable silicone finger vibrator will bring you hours of pleasure- with this little number helping you, you really will be ‘at it like rabbits!’ What’s even better, is that this can be yours for the bargain price of £7.99! What have you got to lose? –

For those of you feeling a little more daring, or adventurous, allow us to introduce you to this little rabbit’s older, and erm, bigger, sibling…

Our Toy Joy Thriller Thumper Bunny Vibrator is a high quality, sexy vibrator with lust-worthy power. The design features bi-directional rotating pleasure beads (eek!) and a twin-motor for double the intimate fun. If this doesn’t get you excited, we really don’t know what will! This little must have is USB-rechargeable (handy!) and has a unique lightly ribbed shaft. With a naughty bunny shaped clit stimulator, eight vibration functions and four rotating speeds, we really do believe it will be love at first orgasm. This little treasure, guaranteed to bring you pleasure, can be yours for just £27.99 –

Yes guys, we are getting to you now, fret not! Ok, so first up, how do you feel about our Tenga Flex Rocky Black Masturbator?

The case with soft spiral-shaped grooves, added together with the fantastic suction effect make this little item extra special! The ‘pleasure tunnel’ has various textures and levels of tightness, and the flexible outer sleeve’s spiral grooves move back and forth each time the sleeve gets moved up and down. Exciting, yes? We know! However, always make sure you remove the pleasure tunnel from the outer case after each use and clean it with running water before leaving it to air dry. Hygiene first guys! A lubricant sample and instruction manual are included for the amazing price of just £41.99 –

If you want something a little more – realistic – shall we say, then why not treat yourself to our Vulcan Cyberskin Realistic Anus Mocha Masturbator?! The internal design of this little delight recreates the texture of a real anus, with an authentic look and feel inside and out. What more could you want for a solo orgasm? You can be the excited owner of one of these for just £16.99 –

Remember, these are just a few examples of the hundreds of sex toys we stock at Mrs Cupid. Why not have a browse through our product ranges and find the perfect match for you? You can thank us later.  😉

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May’s Mouth-Watering Must Haves

Can you guess what time it is? Yep! Time we shared with you this month’s most popular products purchased from the Mrs Cupid website. We can’t believe it’s time to be writing this post again; the year is flying over! So, we best make sure we are keeping you guys supplied with all the sexiness you need to get you through the coming summer months!

Let’s take a look at May’s must-haves, shall we? Or, so they are according to you lot anyway!

Cumin’ in first place (yeah, we went there) is…

Our After Sex Towel. Yes, you filthy lot! This towel is designed to ‘wipe away your sins’ after a night of passion, if you get what we mean. We are thinking there is either a shortage of tissues down the local shops or there are a few of your other halves’ birthdays coming up. To be honest, this is a decent towel- it does ‘what it says on the tin’ anyway. However, you might want to be careful you don’t mix it up with your standard tea or bath towels; no one wants that awkward moment when mum comes to visit and picks it up to dry her hands with… nice! Just £8.49, absolute bargain.

Not far behind in popularity this month so far is our Strappy Side Panty with Mesh Centre. Cute, right? And super-summery in the lovely aqua blue colour! These strappy pants are guaranteed to make you feel sexy and summery all in one. Finished with a satin bow they really do look and feel the part. These pants can be yours for just £16.99 and are available in aqua blue or navy.

This months’ last favourite, and keeping with the summer theme, is our Sex Tarts Watermelon Splash Edible Lubricant. At just £7.99 this lovely little lube really does bring some excitement to all things, erm… mouth-based shall we say? It’s sweet and sassy, and its water based formula is non-toxic, non-staining and totally latex friendly. What more could you want from a lube? No wonder it’s so popular!

So now you’ve seen this month’s must-haves, which will you be treating yourself to? We think they all great and couldn’t possibly choose between them!

Make sure you come back next month to find out what’s tickling your fancies in the first few weeks of June. We can’t wait!

Much love,

Mrs C x

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April’s Amazing Must-Haves

It’s our favourite time of the month again, you know, where we take a sneaky peak at what you kinky lot have been buying over the past few weeks, and it looks like we have some romance going on this month!

It appears leather whips and metal handcuffs haven’t been top of your to-buy lists lately, however, you most definitely haven’t disappointed. Let’s take a look shall we?

Cumin’ in on top spot is our Lovers Choice Romantic Essentials Kit. Very romantic, we must say! For the absolute bargain price of just £20 this kit contains scented silk rose petals, massage lotion, bubble bath, tea lights, breath mints & a romantic tips guide. What more could you possibly need to seduce the one you love (in a romantic way?!). In all seriousness, this sweet little kit really is great for those cosy nights in or for cheering your partner up if they’ve been a bit down lately. They will be left feeling relaxed and free of tension after you team up with the massage lotion and candles!

Second place this month has been claimed by our Rechargeable Waterproof Hype Massager Wand. This attractive looking little wand is great for use in the shower or bath and its batteries provide a sensual 2.5 hours of pleasure at a time! The ultra-plush silicone body, flexible head and 10 vibration functions are sure to create feelings of playful pleasure, and, what’s even more, this high-powered massager is created with a flexible neck and broad head to let you control sensation with ease. Sounds good, right? Well, this can be yours for just £46.99.

And, last but most certainly not least this month, is our 2PC Femme Fatale Baby Doll & G String Lingerie Set. This classy little set is both sexy and sophisticated, perfect for those romantic evenings in we think. With soft mesh material finished with a silky-satin trim you’ll also be super comfortable too. You can get your hands on this lovely lingerie for the amazing price of just £29.99; too good a price to refuse.

We are very impressed with your favourites of the past month and as usual cannot wait to see what the most popular purchases are over the next few weeks. If any of the above items have tickled your fancy, then you can find them all on our website and currently in stock!