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Do You Feel Confident in Bed?

We all like to feel sexy, however, for some of us this isn’t quite as easy as it is for others. With pressures of modern society constantly being put upon us, sometimes we just aren’t 100% comfortable (or confident) in our own body. This can at times most definitely be the case when we are about to get intimate (and naked) with someone new.

Are you one of those who insists the lights are ALL turned off during sex? Do you insist on hiding beneath the covers the whole time? Do you wait until you are hiding beneath those covers until you dare remove any items of clothing? Well, lucky for you we are here to help!

Confidence is one of the sexiest and most attractive traits about the opposite sex for many of us, so boosting your confidence really can boost your sex life. Here are some tips on how you can do this:

Relax – relaxing makes for amazing sex. If we are tense or anxious our body and mind cannot fully enjoy what we are doing. Though relaxing is often easier said than done there are a few things you can do to help yourself, such as taking a nice hot bath or lighting some candles and dimming (NOT turning off altogether) the lights. Candles and dim lights also make for a romantic atmosphere as well as helping us relax – the perfect sex setting we think!

Stop overthinking – we all do this at times! Am I doing this right? Are they enjoying this? Do I look awful from this angle? Just stop! In sex, there are no rights or wrongs – we each do what we like to do, and this is something you should keep in mind. If you can master relaxing, then overthinking should naturally stop for you. During sex our partners aren’t judging us, they are more often than not appreciating us and enjoying the moment, so train your mind to do the same and you’ll soon be experiencing better orgasms!

Dress up – definitely not always the easiest thing to do for beginners, but have you ever tried some kinky lingerie or some dominating heels? Or even better, both together? Dressing up in something a bit more daring and sexier than we usually wear really does boost our confidence majorly! You feel sexy, you feel in control and your confidence will shine through as a result. Lingerie comes in so many styles too, so there are plenty of items for beginners to try – we guarantee you will soon be making some naughtier purchases.

Remember, everyone is different and the secret to a steaming and successful sex life really is all about being comfortable and confident in our own body. We aren’t all the same size or shape (how boring would it be if we were?!) so love yourself for who you are and put on that sexy lingerie and those platform heels and take control of your sex life today!

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