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H is for… Hotter Sex

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Has your sex life become mediocre at best? Are you finding things in the bedroom a bit repetitive? Not sure how to turn this around and turn each other back on? Well, look no further! Below you can find some exciting hints & tips to add the heat back to your bedroom.

I mean, it happens to us all, doesn’t it? Work takes over, kids take over, housework takes over… sex, well, it becomes nothing more than a routine at times, something that we want to do – because we do want that intimate alone time with our partner – but something that usually happens in the same way each time and isn’t quite as exciting as it once was. There are so many benefits of an active sex life – it enhances our moods, it provides us with regular exercise keeping us fit, it allows us some well-earned time alone with our partners, it can help reduce levels of stress – see, so many benefits! But at some point, in most of our relationships we allow – not intentionally of course – our sex lives to become a little dull. 

As sex is quite a big and important part of the majority of relationships, it is quite important to work together to get things ‘back on track’ if they have slipped. Because let’s be honest, neither you nor your partner want to be left feeling unsatisfied in the bedroom. So, because we understand that sometimes life takes over and sex takes a backseat, we have put together a list of hints and tips that are super-easy and inexpensive (mostly) to help you put the ‘oh’ back in orgasm.

  1. ‘Word Sexting’ – cheap, easy and cheerful! This is probably one of the easiest ways to start spicing things back up and something that you can start with straight away. You and your partner are both at work, the day is dragging, it’s making you tired and you’re just feeling pretty damn fed up. Then your phone vibrates, and the promise of a full body massage (with their tongue) gives you something to look forward to tonight. You go home turned-on, excited and desperate to get in that bedroom! 
  2. ‘Picture Sexting’ – again, easy and cheap! Receiving kinky pictures from you whilst they are at work will drive your partner crazy. A good bit of teasing makes for a healthy relationship and sex life; show them what they can’t have right now because they are at work, but what is definitely awaiting them tonight. They will have these images in their head all day, through meetings, through lunch breaks and will be seriously turned-on when they arrive home.
  3. Time for Toys – one of the good old favourites! Sex toys can really spice things up when they have gotten a little dull, and these don’t have to be expensive. A blindfold and a vibrating bullet can drive a person insane, but if you are feeling a little more adventurous why not go a little further and treat yourself and your partner to a massage wand, vibrator or, if you are feeling really sexy, a whip and handcuffs? Shopping for these together can also be super fun and a real turn on, especially as you await their arrival- it’s like a big tease for both of you, and a tease that you will be so ready to get rid of once they arrive!
  4. Dress to Impress – another all-time favourite, sexy lingerie and dress up outfits. These can really turn up the heat and there are so many styles available, there really is something for everyone! Dressing up and wearing lacy lingerie can really make you feel empowered, confident and ultra-sexy. In turn, this has a huge effect on the quality of your sex. This also opens up a whole new world of erotic fiction and fantasy – one night you might be a cute cheerleader with your mini skirt and pom poms, but the next you could be a dangerous dominatrix with your hand-ties and whip. And what’s even better, these outfits are available for both women and men!
  5. Lube It Up – yes, lube. Once viewed as the liquid of rescue for a failed bedroom activity, lube no longer carries this label. ‘Coming’ in an array of flavours, sensations and smells, lube really can help you turn up the heat. Lube allows for frictionless, smooth sex, and can be used on either partner. You can now purchase tingling lube, heat lube, strawberry lube, chocolate lube… there is a whole world of lube out there waiting for you to try! Just be warned, it can be quite sticky on those bed sheets…
  6. Talk – talk, you wonder. What on earth do they mean? Well, it’s quite simple – just talk! Sometimes when we become unsatisfied in the bedroom we refrain from saying this to our partner as we worry we will upset or offend them, and so instead we plod on having unsatisfying sex, which usually causes us to not look forward to it, or even not want to have it all. Talking really can work wonders for your sex life, tell each other what you like, what you don’t like, what new stuff you would like to try, what old stuff you are getting bored with… If, like some people, you find the subject of sex a bit of an embarrassing topic, then write this down and pass over your paper to each other. Don’t suffer in silence, you deserve satisfying sex!

So, now you’re ready to get your sex life back on track and give each other the best orgasms you have ever experienced. Remember, things get a little dull and repetitive for most people at some point in their relationships, so you really aren’t alone if you are feeling this way. You just need to take control and kick boring sex out the window, and as we’ve just shown you above, it really is easy! 

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