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Lingerie & Toys – The Best for Beginners

Red Chemise & G-string

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The world of kinky lingerie and sex toys really can be daunting, (even for the most experienced of us at times). Not knowing what products are best suited to ourselves – or our partners – or even just where to start, is something many of us experience as we introduce sexual props to our lives… and bedrooms. When it comes to toys, well, some of them just look downright scary and intimidating, and at times their appearance can be enough to put us off and push us back in to the world of ‘Vanilla.’ However, luckily for you, we are on hand to help at Mrs Cupid!


Starting out and looking for your first sexy piece of lingerie or sex toy is immensely exciting, however, this is usually when things are the most daunting too! You click onto a website that has been presented to you from your Internet search and… WOW! Toys, outfits, crotch-less underwear, leather items are all thrown at your eyes, some of which look interesting, some of which you just wouldn’t quite know what to do with – or even where to put! In these situations, whether you’re looking for some solo-fun or something you and your partner can enjoy together, we really do recommend the good old cliché of ‘starting at the bottom’ and working your way up gradually as you begin to feel more confident and comfortable. So, what exactly is at the bottom you ask?


Lingerie- there are so many different styles of lingerie and lots of these are great for those just wanting to start experimenting with something a little sexier than their usual bedroom attire. Things we would consider to be near the bottom and great for beginners are items such as babydoll outfits, lacy night dresses, light corset and pant sets – granted, some corsets can appear a littleextreme at first – however, there are lots of really sexy ones out there for beginners too; one’s that don’t have your nipples poking out or pouches for whips and cuffs! Sometimes, purchasing a pair of full lace frenchy’s or a sexy silk thong really is the best way to introduce something a bit hotter to your knicker drawer. Just find some lingerie that is a little sexier than your usual underwear purchases and you’ve found a great place to start.  Finding a style that you enjoy wearing and that really adds to your confidence is what it’s all about here, so try a few different items until you find ones that work the best for you. 


Toys – if you thought the world of lingerie was big, well, the world of toys is huge! There are so many products available now that it really can get a little confusing knowing which to purchase. Toys come in all shapes, sizes, colours, speeds, movements… so, yes, it really can be difficult to find one that’s perfect for you at first, which is why toys really are all about trial and error. Trust us, you need to purchase a few before you find ‘The One’ for you- the one that really does know how to touch you in all the right places.  We usually find the best way to choose your first sex toy is to simply ask yourself what exactly you want from it. Do you want to be lightly caressed from the outside? Or do you want something a little more powerful inside? Or, maybe, you want both? Do you want a toy that is best used on your own? Or do you want a toy that is best used with your partner? There are some great toys to start out with solo such as bullets, vibrators, self-moving thrusters… excited yet? And that is just to name a few! If you are looking for some gentle but amazing external stimulation then we really do recommend buying yourself a bullet- guaranteed to turn up your orgasms by a good few notches!  If you want something to try out with your partner as your first purchase then massage wands are such fun for external use. They are brilliant little tools for teasing each other with and they really do build up tension which makes for highly intense sex! If you fancy something a little more internal, then again vibrators can be exciting and sexy when used with your partner. Not only can your partner be in total control of the vibrator determining just exactly how and when you climax, but they also get to sit back and watch the pure pleasure on your face. Win win!


We hope we have given you a few little pointers for getting started with some sexy silky numbers or some sensational vibrating toys! Remember, sex really is about trial and error (there is no right or wrong) and this is exactly the same for introducing new items of lingerie and toys in to your life and bedroom. Take your time, try out a few to find out which are better for you… oh, and make sure you thoroughly enjoy the ride.


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