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Sexy in Silk, or Lethal in Leather?

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Let’s face it, no matter how much you love your long-term partner, long-term sex can become quite dull. This isn’t because you no longer find your partner attractive, because you do, it’s merely because the same thing three or four times a week can become quite boring, unless you spice it up every now and then…

Imagine buying a skinny latte every morning seven days a week, by Sunday you’re probably going to be quite sick of this drink, unless of course, you add some caramel syrup on two of those mornings, making your drink a little bit more exciting and inviting. Same goes for sex, right? You get in bed with your partner every night in your cosy cotton pj’s and comfy bed panties, and a few times a week (or month) these are taken off so that you can spend some intimate time together, but how sexy is this time? The truth? Probably not very.

More often than not, in long-term relationships, people find that sex does become repetitive at some point; people tend to stick to their favourite positions, it’s an act they usually do fully naked, it becomes routine- sex loses its spark! Remember the first time you slept together? How new and exciting it was? How sexy it was discovering each other’s body? Well, don’t panic! All this is not lost! Spicing up your sex life really can be as easy as spicing up your same-old skinny latte! Just like you add some sweet syrup to your coffee twice a week, you can add some spice and steam to your bedroom activities. How? Simple. Swap those over-sized 100% cotton pants and pj’s for some 100% lace or silk lingerie.

Wearing lingerie in the bedroom can bring many benefits for both partners and it really is one of the easiest ways to add that spark back to your sex. Let’s be honest, most nights a week you get in bed after a long and tiring day at work. You’ve taken off your make up, tied your hair up and just aren’t really feeling all that sexy. This can have a huge impact on your sex- how much you enjoy it, how turned on you are, how exciting it is. Sometimes, people even have sex purely out of habit and because its’s ‘been a few days,’ so it feels like it must be done. But it most certainly does not have to be this way!

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of wearing sexy lingerie in the bedroom, shall we?

Because it’s empowering. Yep, lingerie can make you feel 100% empowered. Wearing it brings confidence, it makes you feel sexy, it turns you on, and so in turn, you act differently. Confidence is a highly attractive trait that both men and women find sexy, and behaving in this way drives your partner mad. Not only do they have some sexy silk panties to admire you in, but your confidence lets them know they are in for a very good time!

Because it can suit your mood. Tuesday might see you looking innocently sexy in a lacy pink babydoll number, but Thursday could see you looking dangerously sexy in some leather with a whip. You can change your lingerie to suit your mood, which in turn, will change the type of sex you have! Because, nobody wants innocent sex all the time…

Because you can be who you want to be. As well as sexy lingerie, exists roleplay lingerie! This means you can enter a whole new world of foreplay and fantasies with your partner, and what’s better, you can even both dress up in this. One night you might be a Dr and Nurse having a quickie in the bathroom before going back to your shift, the next night you could be an Air Stewardess mounting your Captain in his cockpit before take-off. And so, a whole new world of adventures – and orgasms – begins!

Because it’s easy. Swapping those comfy cottons for some sexy silk really is one of the easiest ways to get that spice back into your sex life. What’s even better? You can get it delivered to your door. Yep! You can spice things up without even leaving your house.

So, what are you waiting for? Get that spark back in your sex life with some super sexy silk or lace and experience orgasms that truly do blow your mind.

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