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Spice Up Your January with Mrs Cupid

January. Many of us would agree that this is just THE worst month of the year- it doesn’t really have much going for it, does it? We are on the Christmas comedown, it’s still bitterly cold outside, we got paid early in December so payday feels like an eternity away, we ate too much chocolate and turkey over the festive season and now just feel bloated and like a slight beached whale. Great month, yeah?

Well, we are here to tell you that yes, in fact, January can be a great month if you want it to be. You can turn your January around and the best month ever, if you follow our advice…

Too much turkey and chocolates you say? Feeling a bit bloated and slightly heavier than you did in November? No problem. Did you know sex is a brilliant form of exercise? Yes, you likely did, so are you filling your January up with it? We hope so. Though some of us may not be feeling overly sexy this month, as a result of the Christmas pudding lbs we have gained, this is nothing that can’t be easily resolved with some lacy lingerie or super sexy sex toys. What’s even better, our prices at Mrs Cupid are that competitive that you really don’t need to wait till payday to purchase! Lingerie really does make us feel sexier, whether it’s smooth and silky or lavishly lacy, it really does boost our self-confidence in the bedroom. Or if you’re feeling a little more adventurous why not pick yourself up with a little vibrating number? We do a huge range of bullets, massage wands and vibrators– you really will find something to suit everyone’s taste on our site! There’s no need to be on the comedown from Christmas when you could be cumming in much better ways…

Just to help you on your way, here are a couple of our favourite items for January, you know, the month when we are all on a budget:

First up, allow us to introduce you to the Slimline Multi Speed Clit Exciter, great for solo play or for spicing things up with your partner. This sexy little spoon shaped vibrator has everything you need to turn the heat up a notch and take your orgasms to the next level. Guaranteed to blow your mind, not your bank balance, you can bag this little baby for just £12.99. Wow.

Next up, if you are fancying the above as something to spice up your sex life with your partner, then we recommend pairing it with this little lacy number. You can pick up these Lace and Open Crotch Pearl String Boy Shorts in either black, red or white for the amazing price of just £18.99! Their elegant yet totally naughty design will make you feel like a pure Sex Goddess; guaranteed to drive your partner crazy too. Pair these with our Clit Exciter above, and this ultra-sexy little duo will cost you no more than £32.00. A small price to pay for some steamy bedtime sessions!

Or, if you’re feeling ultra-naughty, why not start your 2019 with something a little different? Maybe you’ve kept your sex life, well, not strictly innocent, but not overly adventurous. Is it time you introduced something new to your bedroom? Such as our BDSM Start Kit, perhaps? For the bargain price of £30.99 you can be in receipt of an eye mask, whip, a set of nipple clamps, a mouth gag, rose petals (who said BDSM couldn’t be romantic?), bondage rope, cuffs and more! Don’t tie yourself down with boring household chores this January, let your partner tie you up instead with these little leather cuffs…

So, now you’ve realised your January doesn’t necessarily need to be the worst month of your year, what are you waiting for? Get browsing our mind-blowing products, and start creating a little heat this month. Know what we’re sayin’?

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