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The Real Benefits of Sex

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So, we’ve all heard at some time or other that there are real benefits of having a healthy sex life. Whether we’ve read it in a magazine, seen it on some TV show or had our partners highlight the fact to us after we’ve complained of a headache at bed time, all week… we’ve all heard it somewhere.

Sometimes in life sex and orgasms take a backseat as ‘more important’ stuff such as work, kids, family etc. take over, but we’re here to tell you that there are real benefits from having a healthy and active sex life. According to the NHS, yes, those medical experts, sex and romance can provide us with numerous positive health benefits. Scientific studies and research projects have shown that intimacy, romantic relationships and physical connection can be really good for our health.

Let’s see what these are, shall we?

  1. Sex is GOOD for your heart- well, need we say more? Your heart is pretty important so surely anything that brings it positive benefits is a good thing! Being sexually aroused sends our heart rates much higher, and the quicker you do it the better, so don’t hold back… it’s bad for your heart!
  2. Sex = no stress – well, Ok, maybe not none at all, but it has been proven to reduce stress levels. People who have regular sex respond better to stressful situations and their stress levels stay lower than those who don’t engage in regular sexual activity. So, if you’ve been feeling a little stressed lately, whip of those clothes and pull someone close!
  3. Sex can help prevent illness – we love this one! Sex can actually help fight off illness, as those people who have regular sex hold higher levels of Immunoglobulin in their body, which is an illness fighting substance. People who orgasm once or twice a week have levels of up to 30% higher than those who don’t orgasm each week. If you want to stay in good health this winter, you know what to do…
  4. Intimacy reduces tension – and this doesn’t even have to be naked intimacy. Couples who are regularly affectionate with each other can often benefit from lower heart rate, lower blood pressure and smaller heart rate increases when compared with those who aren’t. Cosying up on the sofa during these cold months can do more than just keep you warm, so put on some pj’s, open a bottle of fizz and hold each other close.
  5. Single sex can be just as beneficial – single at the moment? Fear not! You can still reap these benefits. Producing orgasms from masturbation is just as healthy and good for you and your body, so go to bed that little bit earlier tonight, it might just do you good…

Reference:NHS. ‘Benefits of Love and Sex.’ NHS Online.  (30 October 2018).

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