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V is for Valentine’s…

With Valentine’s Day soon approaching many of us want to spoil that special person in our life, but the only problem is, we are still paying off Christmas! It can be an expensive few months from December to January, we’ve got Christmas to pay off, January that feels like it’s never going to end, and then all of a sudden we are in the middle of February and the shops are filled with boxes of expensive chocolates and diamonds that we are expected to pay a fortune for to show people we love them!

Well, step aside all you jewellers with your diamonds, because Mrs Cupid are here to help you save your Valentine’s Day! It really doesn’t need to be the over-priced occasion we are made to think it should be; showing someone you care doesn’t need to come with a huge price tag. So, read on for some fantastic ideas of how you can treat that special person in your life, on a budget.

Acts of Service Cards – The best thing about this idea is that it doesn’t actually cost you a penny! Your Acts of Service Cards can range from domestic household chores but can then take a kinky turn to acts of the bedroom kind. Simply cut up some card, write a different act on each and you are ready to go! Your acts can be things like emptying the dishwasher for a week, taking the bins out, cooking for the week, but as well as taking over some chores, you can also add in some kinkier cards to treat your partner, such as oral sex or some all over body massages; let your imagination run free, your partner will love you for it.

Your Undivided Attention – Modern life can be hectic, especially for those of us with demanding jobs that consume the majority of our waking hours. So why not give your partner your full attention for once? This could either be the whole of Valentine’s Day, or, if you will only be spending the evening together after a busy day at work, then the whole of this time. Sometimes work doesn’t stop when we get home, our phones ping with emails and ring with calls- turn it off. Yes, we did just say that. Simply press the power off button, pop it in the drawer, and let all your attention be spent on your partner for once. This idea also has the same added bonus as the one above – it is totally free of charge!

Homemade Cakes – Everyone loves a bit of a treat at times, so why not spend some time baking some homemade cakes or biscuits for your loved one? Not only will you win massive points for providing sweet treats, but homemade baking also shows the time and effort you have put into your Valentine’s Day present! There are plenty of novelty decorations out there such as red icing and heart shaped sweet toppers and cutters. If you want to add a little fun to your baking, why not make some erm, alternate shapes out of your biscuits? Certain body parts maybe…

Lingerie & Toys – If you’re looking for a bit of a naughtier present and have a small budget to work with, then why not splash a bit of cash on something to add some passion to Valentine’s night? Sexy lingerie coupled with a sex toy really can spice up any bedroom and these really don’t need to break the bank either! Treat yourself and your partner to a bullet, massage wand or cockring, add in some skimpy lacy underwear and you will be guaranteed a night of intense pleasure.

Fun & Games – If you are planning on spending Valentine’s night in, then why not cook a nice meal, have a bottle or two of wine and have some fun? There are a huge range of games intended for couples that really can steam things up a little, and we have some great examples of these on our website! One particular favourite of ours is the You and Me Game; a fun and twisting game of 90 bedroom challenges to bring you and your partner closer together. Why not treat yourselves to some fun this Valentines night and see who will be winning, or finishing, first?!

For a Valentine’s night to remember, you could even combine all of the above together! Your undivided attention with some Acts of Service Cards and some homemade treats to start, followed by some board game fun and ending in a little lacy number with a massage wand or bullet. Sounds good to us!

Remember, you don’t need to spend a fortune to show someone you care. Sometimes small things such as removing all distractions and a sensual massage are all you need for a great and intimate time together.

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