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Why Winter Sex is Better Sex

Winter is here! The cold, wet, dull and dark days are upon us, but hey, we are here to tell you not all of your days over the next few months have to be cold, dull and dark, you might want to keep them a bit wet though..

We thought we would brighten your day by pointing out some reasons why winter sex is actually better than summer sex. Yes, you read it right, your sex life is about to get much better thanks to the recent drop in temperature!

We think the first, and possibly most important reason winter sex is better sex, is because it is much safer. Yes, in winter you are much less likely to sweat to death- a feeling many of us have to endure after a bit of summer lovin’! What makes this even better still, is that you can go for longer too. Sometimes, in summer, no matter how turned on we are we rush to get sex over with simply because we are dripping (and not in a good way), stuck to sweaty bedsheets and just quite frankly feeling like we are going to pass out (also not in a good way)! However, in the cold winter months we can enjoy much longer sex sessions, as we use it as a way to warm up instead of rushing to get it over with and then diving into an icy cold shower!

The winter months also provide us with much more intimacy with our partners. Let’s face it, in the summer when you’re sleeping with a leg hanging over the bed, the duvet in a pile at the bottom of the bed and the window open but STILL sweating, spooning is a serious no go zone. When we are an uncomfortable sweaty mess we really don’t need other people adding their body heat to what is already an unbearable situation. However, snuggling is one of our favourite things to do in the winter and often that feeling of just having our body pressed against our partners is enough to get us in the mood.

These cold months also provide us with great opportunities to surprise our partners. Here we are, sat in our fleecy pj’s covered with penguins in bobble hats, but then, we climb in to bed with our other half, we slip off our lovely little penguin number and reveal a sexy lace number instead. Surprise! And we feel awfully impressed with ourselves as we watch their face light up as they realise their luck is in! Hideous winter pj’s provide a great disguise for some sexy lingerie, so pop on some leather or lace under your penguin pants and enjoy feeling immensely smug till bed time.

There are also lots of erm, extra props around in the winter. Don’t want to ruin the mood by rummaging through your top drawer for your handcuffs? Fear not! Simply pick up that scarf you threw on the floor when you came in earlier. Yes, scarves make for great sex toys– handcuffs, leg ties, blindfolds… you name it, a scarf can probably do it!

One for all of you health obsessed people out there – sex can actually prevent you from getting sick! Oh yes, healthy winter’s all round for us! When you orgasm regularly, your body produces higher levels of immunoglobulin, which is an antibody that plays a very important part of immunity. So seriously, an orgasm a day keeps those colds and flu’s away! You can thank us for this one later when you’re the only at the office not sneezing into a hanky and sporting a nose similar to Rudolph’s. They mustn’t be regulars…

Also, we would just like to point out one MAJOR benefit of winter sex – it’s a cheap way to stay warm. So, don’t waste money turning on the heating, just build a fort out of blankets, get inside it, get some clothes off and generate your own heat. Know what we’re saying?!

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